Since ancient times, we know that mineral water from natural sources has healing properties. Such water will not only quench the thirst, but also help to get rid of diseases.

The queen of mineral water of Truskavets resort is «Naftusya». It is original both in content and in its physiological effects on the human body. «Naftusya» due to the low mineralization (up to 0,78 g/l) and rich content of organic matter (8,35-23,8 mg/l), stimulates the discharge of small stones and sand from the kidneys, gall bladder, urinary and biliary tract, reduces lithogenicity (the tendency to form stones) of urine and bile, ie eliminates the risk of stone formation. Due to the immunological action renews body defenses, promotes the elimination of inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, helps removal of metabolic products and toxic substances, and thereby prevents premature aging of the organism.

The source number 1 — mineral water «Maria» complements the list of mineral waters of Truskavets. This is chloride-sulphate-sodium water, which contains from 4 to 7 g/l of mineral salts, 42 mg/l of free carbon dioxide. Mineral water normalizes gastric secretion, depending on the method of drinking water treatment, contributes to liquefaction of mucus and its evacuation from the stomach, increases choleresis and bile, and reduces inflammation and spasticity of the gastrointestinal tract.

Source number 2 — mineral water «Sophia» — is chloride-sulphate-sodium water with a salinity of 10-12 g/l. Stimulates gastric secretion, has low choleretic action, normalizes motor function of the stomach and intestines. It is used in the accompanying diseases of the gastrointestinal tract: chronic gastritis with decreased secretion, chronic colitis, with a tendency to constipation.

In the central pump room, you can use the source number 3 — mineral water «Bronislava» for rinsing the mouth, throat, nose and nasopharynx (chronic tonsillitis, periodontitis).

In the park, two minutes walk from the complex «Chale Graal» is a true source of beauty, which, due to its composition, is very refreshing for skin, gives it a natural shade and a special elasticity. This is the water source № 11 «Yuzya» — carbonate-calcium magnesium with a mineralization of about 0.7 g/l, contains a considerable amount of organic matter and up to 40 mg / liter of free carbon dioxide, and substances of glycerine origin.

In our pump room, you can take mineral water Morshinskaya, which is made from brine by the pump-room method of the famous Morshin resort. Drinking this water will perfectly complement and enrich the drinking water treatment in Truskavets, because water is rich in potassium and magnesium ions and in contrast to the source «Maria» and «Sophia», has a relatively low content of sodium chloride. Water is recommended for gastroduodenitis with high acid-forming function of the stomach, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, is effective for constipation and functional disorders of the intestines.

In the medical and diagnostical resort complex «Chale Graal», you will be able to take a course of treatment by drinking mineral water.

For external use as for bath and for a washing purpose waters from other mineral sources are used, which are served in the Medical Spa Center «Avel» by own water-conduit.

Rules of drinking course of mineral water in Truskavets resort.

For effective treatment you should observe the following rules of drinking mineral waters:

  • to avoid unexpected reactions, Truskavets mineral water, is recommended to use only after consulting with a doctor, who, depending on body weight, age, cardiovascular and urinary systems will prescribe the amount of water to drink at one time and frequency of drinking,
  • mineral water is recommended to drink only from porcelain drinking bowl or cup of traditional form with a straw,
  • motion is a part of drinking course. Therefore it is recommended to combine the use of water with a slow walking, training in the gym, swimming,
  • to enhance the action of mineral water, is recommended to combine drinking course with water procedures and physiotherapy,
  • drinking course should be held in a state of peace of mind and good mood, with no fuss.



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