You always have a choice where to go for treatment. However, in any choice you need to be guided by the ratio of several factors, namely: are the medical services provided in a quality manner, is the medical staff qualified to solve the problem, is there an appropriate medical base and location of the resort, where would you like to improve your health?

All these factors, combined with the special nature of the Carpathian region, are collected in Truskavets - the famous balneological resort of Western Ukraine. The peculiarity of the resort city is that it is here that you will not only undergo the Naftusya mineral water treatment course, thanks to which many people from all over the world get the opportunity to improve their health, but you can also diagnose and treat concomitant diseases, relax your body and soul, swim in the pool or undergo SPA treatments. One of the best complexes of Truskavets, where you can quickly and efficiently get these services is the Resort and Hotel Complex "Chale Graal".


Indication: cardioneurosis, dystonia, hypertension stage I-II, coronary heart disease with angina, circulatory failure not above 1st stage, prevention of atherosclerosis.

Comfortable and homely apartments, the presence of a medical and SPA center, a restaurant with diet food, and a well-equipped mineral water pump room will make your treatment not only effective, but also will  leave only the best emotions from your holiday in Truskavets.

In addition to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and genitourinary system, “Avel” Medical Center offers our guests a consultation of a cardiologist.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system are some of the most common and dangerous diseases of the twenty-first century, because a sedentary lifestyle, stress, the noise of a big city and bad habits lead to weakening of the heart muscle and blood vessels.

Treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system takes place in the medical center "Avel", where the specialists created a cardiology program that aims to treat: cardioneurosis; vegetative-vascular dystonia; hypertension condition I-II; coronary heart disease with angina pectoris; circulatory failure not higher than I; prevention of atherosclerosis.

  7 days 10 days 14 days
Name of procedures Number of procedures Number of procedures Number of procedures
The first consultation of cardiologist 1 1 1
The second consultation of cardiologist 1 2 3
Electrocardiogram of heart 1 1 1
Ultrasound of main vessels of the neck 1 1 1
Complete blood analysis 1 1 1
Urinalysis 1 1 1
Biochemical analysis of blood (lipid metabolism) 1 1 1
Electrotherapy 3 5 6
Mineral Bath 3 5 6
Massage neurosedativ 3 5 10
Oxygen foam 7 9 12
Ozone therapy 1 2 3
Swimming pool, SPA center 7 10 14
Drinking mineral water 7 10 14
Gym 7 10 14
Discount 5% 10% 15%
Discount price for the program (UAH) 6099 7529 8500

he cardiology program includes: initial and final consultation with a cardiologist; a wide range of laboratory and functional studies, namely: an electrocardiogram of the heart, blood and urine tests, a biochemical blood test for lipid metabolism; neurosedative massage, the effect of which on nerve endings, helps relieve stress; physiotherapeutic and balneological procedures designed to normalize blood pressure.
Dopplerography complements the above procedures as a diagnostic method, the main purpose of which is ultrasound, in this case, a quick assessment of blood flow and determination of blood pressure in the vessels.



The purpose of the program:
• Normalization of metabolism
• Normalization of the heart muscle
• Immunity boost
• Reduced fatigue and stress

We care about you and are always happy to see you in our complex!

For more detailed consultation on the program by phone:

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