Spine treatment in Truskavets

For effective treatment of the spine, Truskavets has collected unique techniques that have been successfully applied: in Karlovy Vary - carbon dioxide gas injection or carboxytherapy. Subcutaneous using of carbon dioxide improves blood flow in the spine for a prolonged period, blood circulation of the brain, heart and blood vessels due to the vasodilating and analgesic effects.


In Germany - computer traction of the spine.

Currently, in our medical centre, the most modified model of the traction unit with a computer-aided change in the traction force is used in treatment. Under the influence of traction, unloading of the vertebral-motor segments occurs, a decrease in the intra-disk pressure and the unlocking of the intervertebral joints.


At the Research Institute of Neurosurgery named after NN Burdenko, Russia - physiotherapeutic treatment of spinal hernias according to the method of Professor V.L. Naydina, using extracts from papaya fruits. In this case, the hernia softens and releases the pinched nerve endings, and also has a beneficial effect on the spinal disc in general.

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