Swimming pool with crystal-blue water clarity is a gem of diagnostic in the medical and diagnostical resort Truskavets. Here you will find rest, relaxation and diagnostic. You and your kids will love the mini-waterfall, counter-flow and Jacuzzi.

Depth of pool is 1.55 m, and length — 20m. Pool is multifunctional, with modern triple system of water purification (ozone, mechanical, chemical), which is conducted 24 hours a day. Water temperature is two degrees less than room temperature, providing comfort when you exit the pool.

For a complete rest and a pleasant conversation with your colleagues and loved ones in the pool area are situated comfortable beds, also for your service is a phyto-bar. You will be prompted to quench your thirst with fresh, smussi-cocktail for health, full of vitamins and minerals; you will be pleased with a wide range of teas from herbs, fruits and berries, made for the traditional Carpathian recipes. Enjoying the Carpathian tea and honey, you can be sure that herbs, fruits and berries were grown in an ecologically clean region, assembled on time and correctly.

Climbing to the second tier, you can get on the lovely terrace; relax on deck chairs, watching the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains.

Together with «Chale Graal» absolutely comfortable stay in Truskavets — is a reality!

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