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Excursion programs

If you want to make an interesting journey and get live-long memories, therapeutic diagnostic resort complex «Chale Graal» will provide you with comfortable vehicles equipped with professional driver and tour guide.

You will have a unique opportunity to spend some wonderful time. We can offer you interesting tours, vacation in Carpathian mountains, extreme-terrain vehicle to marvel the picturesque slopes of the mountains, fishing, hunting activities. We will provide you an opportunity to spend some time in the wild nature as well.

Trips to Lviv

  • «Lviv — the King of years»
  • «Along the defensive walls»
  • «Austrian Lviv»
  • «Architecture Market Square»
  • «Lviv cathedrals»
  • «The yard of Lviv»
  • «Memories of a European society»
  • «History of Lviv University»
  • «Charming Lviv Cafes»
  • «Мusical Lviv»
  • «Lviv graveyard — Lychakiv»
  • «Franko’s paths through Lviv»

Visit the suburbs of Lviv

  • «Golden horseshoe of Lviv»
  • «Zhovkva and Vasilian monasteries in Krekhiv»
  • «Pochayvska Lavra»
  • «Brody — The history of the town»

Outskirts of Truskavets

  • «Shodnytsa. Urych»
  • «Sambor — treasure of spirituality»
  • «Halych ranch»
  • «Cathedral museum»
  • «Maidan»
  • «Drogobych. Naguevychy»

«Carpathian tours

  • «Bukovel - diagnostic complex»
  • «Slavske - Winter capital of Ukraine»
  • «Tysovets – the center of the skiing»
  • «Rocks of Dovbush»
  • «Hoverla — the highest peak of Ukrainian Carpathians»
  • «Manyavskyy skit. Ukrainian Athos»
  • «Yaremche. Vorohta. Ivano-Frankivsk — the region»
  • «Lake Sinevir — the marine individuality of the Carpathians»
  • «Dragobrat — Ski Resort»

Wonderful Transcarpathia

  • «Mukachevo. Coast — thermal water Transcarpathia»
  • «Cruise in Transcarpathia — Uzhgorod. Mukachevo. Beregovo»
  • «Central Europe — salt lakes Solotvino»


  • «Shepylske diagnostic area»

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