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Complex Awards

According to the international rating «Gold Fortune», founded in Ukraine in 1993, «Chale Graal» complex (JSC «Carpathian House») got «The best-housing project of Carpathians award». At the presentation ceremony, that took place at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ponomarenko Tatyana Vadimovna — Director of «Chale Graal» (JSC «Carpathian House») was given a silver Stella award and diploma of Quality. The complex was built according to the most advanced building technologies and engineering solutions which helps us to ensure the comfort and home-like atmosphere for the guests of the complex.

At Ukrainian contest for the best project of 2008, conducted by «VEGA Consulting» on the 14th of March 2008, «Chale Graal» complex («Carpathian House») was given a diploma and a medal for the nomination «The best housing investment and construction projects of 2008».

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