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The complex has a broad range of 63 premium-class accommodations with diverse furnishing styles. You can choose the one suits you most. Apartments are divided into 9 categories (‘Single’, ‘Standart’, ‘Studio’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Panoramic’, ‘Junior’, ‘Family’, ‘Queen’, ‘Royal’) depending on size (36.65 m2 - 145.53 m2) and number of beds. An apartment consists of living room, one or more bedrooms, one or a few bathrooms, terrace or balcony. Some even have fireplaces. Each apartment is equipped with air conditioning and heating individual temperature control, phone, safe, mini-bar, cable television and Internet access.

In contrast to a hotel, each suite has a kitchen-dining room, allowing you to have comfortable rest. Rooms are equipped with elegant furniture, kitchen, electric, exhaust systems, dishwashers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and a full set of dishes. Food available will allow your fulfill your desire to cook a favorite dish and treat your own taste habits. Another magic detail of the apartments - large panoramic windows, full of sunlight and breathtaking views of Carpathian landscapes.

Complex ‘Chale Graal’ makes a dream of a comfortable rest come true: well-groomed walking paths, increased personal security system, parking, playground, diverse high-quality services, including laundry, car rent of any class, organization of trips to the western regions of Ukraine and countries of Eastern Europe. Customer service is based on an individual approach to every guest, providing services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Life in the complex is filled with the atmosphere of aristocracy, nobility and elegance. This is a place for people that appreciate beauty, that know a healthy lifestyle to be a key to success and excellence.

Extract from the guest reviews book:
‘Chale Graal’ - a God-given place for healing of body and soul. There are no noisy companies and vulgarity, it is a domain of silence and appeasement, comfort and privacy. The complex is a new health resort and steadily becomes a favorite vacation spot of both Ukrainians, Russians, and as well as guests from abroad.

Early spring booking

For those planning holidays in advance we offer early booking for winter-spring season.

Rest at "Chale Graal" - invest in your own health!

Spend your rest effectively to restore your activity and workability!

8th of March – celebrate coming of Spring

Start your spring holiday of beauty and pleasure!

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