Specialists of the medical centre of the medical-diagnostic resort complex "Chale Graal" are successfully applying a complex system of purification of the body with using of natural healing factors in combination with physiotherapy procedures and diet therapy for five years. The program takes seven days, during which your chances of losing weight are quite high.

We offer you a NEW weight loss program during only 7 days!

The program includes: diet, low-calorie, protein-free diet, training at the gym on the individual program, procedures for improving metabolism and purification, a combination of external and internal therapy for high-efficiency recovery. External therapy is carried out by complexes of professional procedures on the face and body. Internal therapy - restoration of metabolism with mineral waters, cleansing enemas, oxygen cocktails, herbal teas contribute to the healing of the body in general.

Only in  7 days you get a visible and prolonged result!

Alternating facial and body treatments will give you comfort and pleasure.

  7 Days 10 Days 14 Days
Discount 5% 10% 15%
Program rate with discount 15 877 21 513

28 650



Day 1. Update and cleanup.

Day 2. Detoxification and mineralization.

Day 3. Rejuvenating effect on face skin.

Day 4. Body rejuvenation effect.

Day 5. Cellulite treatment and body skin lifting.

Day 6. Prolonged effect.

Day 7. Pleasure and benefit.

At the turn of winter and spring, our body needs more vitamins, during this period there is not enough energy, there are problems with the skin. And another sign of spring is that most of us note that pants or skirts have stopped coming together. However, this is not just an aesthetic and cosmetic problem - it is a health threat. Just 8 kg of excess weight increases the risk of developing diabetes of type 2 and hypertension by 10 percent. Having lost 3-5 kg ​​of excess weight, you can reduce the pressure, reduce the dose of medication or eventually completely abandon them.

Isn't it time to lose weight?

The best way to detect excess weight is to calculate body mass index (BMI).

How to do it:

1. Its height in meters must be squared.

2. Divide by weight the weight in kilograms.


Your height is 1m 60 cm and weight is 70 kg; it is necessary 1.6 m * 1.6 m = 2.56 square m. BMI = 70 kg: 2.56 square meters = 27.3 kg / m. sq. m.

How much risk do you have?

A BMI of 18.5-24.9 is considered to be the norm (22-24 for men, 21-23 for women). A value of 25 and above means you are overweight and over 30 is obese. The health risk begins to increase with BMI around 26. If you have crossed this limit, try to lose weight and gain muscle. The calculations of the waist-thigh index (ITB) can be supplemented. To calculate this index, measure both of these parameters. Waist - in the narrowest place without retracting the abdomen, hips - the largest width. Then divide the first value by the second. For women the ITB rate is less than 0.80 and for men it is less than 0.90. If you have the above indexes, do not throw yourself in a diet with your head, think better, calculate your strength and be sure to consult a specialist. After all, in an unreasonable approach, a sharp weight loss, when you refuse to eat certain foods can cause serious harm to the body. Particularly dangerous is the fact that your body is experiencing real stress.

To form another stereotype, it is best to change the situation, remove yourself from the usual conditions of stay. SPA treatment will help you with this. It is based on the predominant using of natural healing factors (mineral waters, baths, thermal treatments, massages). Natural healing factors have a mild physiological effect, since during the evolution of the human body constantly felt their impact.

Spring is a new life beginning. Things are changing for the better. And who wants to change themselves for the better, has a great chance to do it, having passed the program of updating in the medical-diagnostic resort complex "Chale Graal".

Don't miss your chance!

We care about you!



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