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Honey massage

Numerous studies showed that for the wealth of trace elements, vitamins, honey has no equal among the products. But no one has any doubt in this.

And what do you know about honey massage?

Honey massage came to us from ancient Tibet. This is a wonderful combination of therapeutic action of honey and art of massage. During the honey massage the body is cleared of «slag» — the end products of metabolism. With the reaction of skin zones, colour of honey and its consistency change and it helps to diagnose health.

Many toxins are formed in the body with overeating. They are fat-soluble and insoluble in water, that’s why are accumulated in the subcutaneous fat of the skin. Any accumulation of harmful substances in the body, as well as any toxins, food toxins slow down activity, lead to aging and disease. The usual massage can only break slag, medical starvation — derive it from the internal organs, but they remain in the skin and the body eventually starts to «choke». That’s how appear cellulite, varicose veins, salt deposits, lowered immunity and many other diseases, not to mention the inflammatory skin diseases.

The unique properties of honey in combination with massage help to restore the health of the subcutaneous fat, cleansing of the body, normalizing micro circular circulation of the skin. Through the skin blood receives trace elements, vitamins and biologically active substances. Because of it, the skin becomes smooth and elastic, retracts flabbiness, stretch marks and cellulite bumps. Even after several treatments markedly increase tone, firmness and elasticity, subcutaneous fat capsules are broken, which helps to eliminate cellulite, get rid of toxins.

The main goal of any massage — is healing and recovery of the body. Professionals recommend to take a course of 5-6 sessions of zone honey massages every day, or a 2-3 total honey massage, while making breaks 2-4 days between sessions. This is due to the fact that the toxins rise from the deep layers of the skin and muscles into clean area and you need some time to derive them from the body. After the procedure, it is recommended to rest. For the full effect during the days when honey massage is carried out, you should eat more fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, herbal tea and, of course, honey.

You can record on the massage in the Medical Spa Center «Avel» from 8:00 to 20:00.
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Cleansing of the body saves from a heart attack and stroke

Now it is scientifically proved that regular attendance at courses cleanse the body in specialized clinics reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in 40-60-year-old people in a few times.

Body cleansing saves from heart attack

The fact that body cleansing saves from heart attack is scientifically proved. A regular attendance of body cleanse courses in specialized clinics reduces dramatically the risk of heart attack of 40-60-year-old.

The unique technique of purification of the body!

Cleansing the body at the cellular level - is a set of interrelated activities

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