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Children massage

Children massage can be called the only type of massage, which is welcome and has no contraindications (except high temperature, acute inflammatory processes or diseases in which massage is forbidden by the doctor).

The specialists of our Spa in Truskavets offer to consolidate the results of treatment in Truskavets with the help of massage.

Children massage has a therapeutic and preventive effect, promotes physical and mental health. It serves as the basis of health and harmonious development of children, for prevention of scoliosis and motor development of the child. In the treatment of various diseases children massage is just priceless.

Treatment and rest in Truskavets will give your children good health and good memories!

Recording for the massage is carried out in the Medical Spa Center «Avel» from 8:00 to 20:00.
Package «Medical» (accommodation, three meals a day, basic spa treatment)

Stay on spa resort involves drinking treatment by mineral waters.

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