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Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

We use a method that is highly effective, and has received worldwide recognition as contributing to raising the level of comfort in daily life.

The treatment procedure is practically painless and safe. It is carried with a thin needle, with a high threshold of pain sensitivity, cosmetologist will suggest you anaesthesia. This treatment does not affect the general processes of heat and water exchange in the body. Minimal restrictions after the procedure are 2-3 days break for the sauna, gym and solarium. Treatment time is 30-40 minutes. The result — is the normalization of sweat glands, the smell disappear. Improvement occurs 4-6 days; the maximum is attained at 14-15 days and lasts an average for 6 months. For a longer reduction of hyperhidrosis requires repeated injections after 7-9 months.

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Cleansing of the body saves from a heart attack and stroke

Now it is scientifically proved that regular attendance at courses cleanse the body in specialized clinics reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in 40-60-year-old people in a few times.

Body cleansing saves from heart attack

The fact that body cleansing saves from heart attack is scientifically proved. A regular attendance of body cleanse courses in specialized clinics reduces dramatically the risk of heart attack of 40-60-year-old.

The unique technique of purification of the body!

Cleansing the body at the cellular level - is a set of interrelated activities

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