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Turkish bath and Hammam

The first saunas appeared in the Arab countries in the VII century. They were called «hammam» that is «spreading the heat». This word was included in the Turkish language, but with the single letter "m". In the East, Turkish bath for a long time was considered a source of unearthly delights and is a special ritual. It is not only a way to maintain personal hygiene, but also a kind of diagnostic, as well as the place for talks and exchange of the latest news, a source of vitality and clarity of mind and, of course, a powerful tool for rejuvenation.

Spa Centre of the unique diagnostical resort complex «Chale Graal» in Truskavets suggests you to visit the hammam, there are specific temperature conditions with fluctuating temperatures of 30°C to 55°C and humidity ranging from 70 to 100%. Visit to hammam includes not only traditional "warming up" in the steam room, but also a range of associated beauty treatments: massages, peelings (soap, honey, coffee), wraps. In the steam room we used solid natural marble, which with a help of special steam generators is heated to 40-60°C. On the heated marble bed is very comfortable, where all cosmetic procedures are performed. In the hammam the skin and hair do not get too dry, and, conversely, are wetted. This effect provides a combination of high humidity and low temperatures.

Turkish bath is contraindicated if you have a respiratory illness in the acute stage, bronchitis, pneumonia in the acute stage. And absolutely contraindicated go to the bath with a fever — the load on the heart and blood vessels is enhanced by an order! By the way, this applies to almost all kinds of baths.
Package «Medical» (accommodation, three meals a day, basic spa treatment)

Stay on spa resort involves drinking treatment by mineral waters.

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