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Russian Bath

Russian bath — is one of the oldest, it appeared almost simultaneously with appearance of the Slavs. About the bath is referred in oral folk art at a time when people could not write. It has always played a huge role in the life of Russian people. Bath was considered the best way to overcome the illness, the evil eye, and everything bad. Over time, offer a visit to the bath became a sign of hospitality. For example, a guest first was led to a bathhouse and only then, was fed and put to bed.

In the Medical Spa Center «Avel» Russian bath will give you joy, bring you and your family pleasure and benefit. But for this you should allow certain conditions before and after a stay in the steam room.

Before you enter the steam room, you need to take a warm shower. But it cannot soak your head. It is also not recommended to use any chemicals — soap, shampoo. In the steam room you need to cover your head - wear a felt hat or cover your head with a towel. The total time spent in the sauna, on average, from twenty to thirty minutes. An essential attribute of stay in the steam room is a broom. You need to have skills, because it's a form of massage. We offer you a broom made of branches of oak or birch, and also, at your request may be made available services of professional bath attendants.

The largest effect is achieved when the temperature is contrast. After 2-3 visits to bath you need to pour cold water from the bucket shower on yourself. After cooling, you need to take a shower and dry off. You shouldn’t use the towel, as this again will cause sweating; wipe only the hair and face. No need to dress up as long as you do not stop sweating. After cooling relax for 10-15 minutes. After the bath you feel thirst. You can quench it by ordering a phyto-bar fruit juice or tea with honey from Carpathian. Spirits and Bath - are incompatible. For those who want to lose weight, after a bath you should avoid drinking fluids for two hours.

Enjoy Your Bath! Yes, exactly this people say, while heating in the Russian bath.
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