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Contrasting Foot by Kneipp

Kneipp system was created 150 years ago, but it is relevant today! Bavarian priest Sebastian Kneipp hardly ever thought that he had developed the method of healing the human body which is popular for such a long period of time. According to the Kneipp water cures and strengthens the body.

In the center of bath cultures in Medical Spa Center «Avel» are all the conditions for a course of treatment and rehabilitation with the help of contrast baths for the feet.

They strengthen the immune system and help those people who suffer from circulatory disorders and those who have always «cold feet».

Contrasting foot baths are made such way: pre-warmed feet sink in the tub with warm water (28-30 ° C), in which you pour then a stream of hot water until the water temperature rise to 40-45 ° C. Then you put legs for 3-4seconds in cold water, then at 5-6seconds again in warm water for a half an hour. As a result warm water cools, the cold water becomes hot. In a case of numbness of the legs this procedure should be done as long as the temperatures of the water become the same.

Only from November 16th till November 30th while staying for 6 days and more and payment for New Year banquet with entertainment program till November 30th you get:

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