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Finnish sauna

The first sauna in Finland has appeared in V-VIII century. Its main element was the stove, which was a stones stacked in a pile. These stones became hot, and then next to them people soared. Finnish sauna was built from the wooden frame in the form of small structures, which usually consisted of one room. It was heated with a smoke and fire — a method of heating was called «black».

On the territory of a unique therapeutic and diagnostical resort complex «Chale Graal» in Truskavets is located Finnish sauna with dry heat, the air indoors is heated up to 90-100 ° C and the humidity is maintained in the range 10-25%. Sauna provides the most diverse effects on heat transfer, circulation, function of the autonomic and central nervous system. The Finnish sauna stimulates the endocrine glands that are functionally related and regulates activities of many body systems.

Before the visit to the Finnish sauna shower should be taken without soap and the skin should be dried well from moisture for better perspiration. During procedures use a special hat for head did not suffer from heat stroke. Taking into consideration the high temperature in saunas, it’s better to get used to the temperature gradually, starting with the bottom shelf, where the heat is less. During the first visit, lie down in this place no more than ten minutes. Before the second visit it’s better to make a twenty minute break, during which you can take a cold shower, swim in the pool or go for a relaxing massage. The second visit may take up to fifteen minutes, and then repeat the same pattern. And, finally, the last one — third visit.

The most perfect drink for a sauna is tea, especially herbal or green. Very helpful to drink a decoction of wild strawberry, which will strengthen your immune system, hawthorn — useful for cardiovascular diseases, mint — it will remove the stress and return the tone for the body. About was everything done correctly or no, your body will tell you the next day after the procedure. If you feel fine, then you have found common ground with a sauna and your body is happy.

Contraindications to the Finnish sauna: inflammatory disease with fever, epilepsy, hypertension, bronchial asthma with frequent attacks.
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