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Сleaning the body without drugs

Endoecological rehabilitation program is designed for those who wish to clean the body at the cellular level, to restore the micro flora, micro-and macro element balance.

The program includes a set of interrelated activities:

  • diagnostic and laboratory tests;
  • determination of body composition;
  • course of cleaning procedures;
  • herbal medicine;
  • therapeutic qualities;
  • different types of massage;
  • hardware physiotherapy;
  • exercises and water aerobics;
  • individual control of physical activity;
  • special salt-free, protein-free individual diet.

Indications:chronic colitis, diabetes (mild form), obesity of 1 st and 2 nd degree, chronic cholecystitis, hepatitis.

Contraindications: cholelithiasis, cancer, acute inflammatory diseases, tuberculosis (active form).

Results of treatment: normalization of the liver and gall bladder, improving the function of the pancreas and intestines, weight loss.

Anyone who purchased the program «Сleaning the body without drugs» — a pedometer as a gift.

You can consult a specialist on the phone: +38 03247 7-12-22.

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Cleansing of the body saves from a heart attack and stroke

Now it is scientifically proved that regular attendance at courses cleanse the body in specialized clinics reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in 40-60-year-old people in a few times.

Body cleansing saves from heart attack

The fact that body cleansing saves from heart attack is scientifically proved. A regular attendance of body cleanse courses in specialized clinics reduces dramatically the risk of heart attack of 40-60-year-old.

The unique technique of purification of the body!

Cleansing the body at the cellular level - is a set of interrelated activities

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