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The program of activities for May holidays!

May 1

08:30 - restaurant «Theodora»
Holiday Animation «PEACE WORK, MAY»

15:00 - restaurant «Theodora»
Master-class "May patterns" (embroidered with beads and ribbons)

18:30 - restaurant «Theodora»
A unique musical atmosphere creates a popular band from Lviv "Medorkestra"

May 2

11:00 - Courtyard
"Holiday Razgulay" under the musical accompaniment of the ensemble of Ukrainian folk music "Verhovyna»
Treats from the chef in the open air: barbecue, broth, homemade vodka to choose from ("hrenovuha", "klyukovka") and mulled wine.

16:00 - bar restaurant «Theodora»
Master-class "Manufacturers spring Cards»

18:30 - restaurant «Theodora»
The musical accompaniment of the evening - Lviv Jazz band

May 3

11:00 - gym, spa center, «Avel»
Master Class Dance

18:30 - restaurant «Theodora»
Musical accompaniment: saxophone Protsiv YS, laureate of international competition. The program includes jazz music and songs of 70-80 years.

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