Panoramic apart

Double apartment with a terrace


Rooms: 1 (divided into several functional areas).
Kitchen area: 1
Total area: 40,2 sq. m
Style: Art Nouveau.
Options: bed, bedside tables, table table, sofa, telephone, hair dryer, safe, LCD TV, DVD player.
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television.
Bathroom: bath tub and other facilities.
Terrace: 1 (24kv.m.)
Window View: courtyard, city.

The apartment is full of fascinating shapes and smooth lines, amazing combination of abstraction and natural motives. Furniture is simple and highly functional. A distinctive feature of the interior is harmony. The apartment is not full of excess; everything is in the right place and in the right quantity. The walls are decorated with ‘Venetian’ and it feels as if they are lit from within. Delicious calm life and beautiful landscape of the nature provide kitchen with a lot of space, create harmony and abundance of warm relations.
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