Junior suite apart

One-level 2 bedroom apartment


Rooms: 2
Total area: 51,6
Style: Art Nouveau.
Options: one bed, bedside tables, dressing table, desk, chair, telephone, hair dryer, safe, TV, wardrobe, sofa, chest of drawers;
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television.
Bathroom: shower and other plumbing supplies.

Apartment category, Junior suite.
The combination of "historical style modernism" sounds somewhat paradoxical, because the word "modern" and means "modern". It was in this apartment, not just mechanically intertwined different styles, and held their synthesis, "revival", in accordance with the technologies of modern times. Basis brainchild - a stylization, and the emphasis is not on the new forms and motifs, but on a combination of designs and unifying decor.
Ensemble solution becomes a kind of interior, between the chambers formed a variety of communication, resulting in space becomes fluid and dynamic. Fluidity, dynamics and smooth transitions - this is a characteristic feature of this apartment.

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