Studio apart

Studio apartment


Rooms: 1 (divided into several functional zones);
Kitchen area: 1
Balcony: 1
Total area: 39,1 sqm
Style: Country;
Options: bed, bedside tables, table, 4 chairs, telephone, hair dryer, safe, LCD TV, DVD player.
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television.
Bathroom: shower and other facilities.
Additional option microwave oven;
View from the window: a courtyard, park.

This apartment completely lacks pretentiousness, it is soft, lyrically, and close to nature – the interior is an embodiment of objective, a kingdom of comfort and coziness that can store heat and give a feeling of peace. Simplicity of the interior is originality combined with zonal division – the most important attribute of the interior is a fireplace. The windows were curtained with linen tulle that creates a feeling of summer in the room. Warmth itself emanates from the furniture, traditional house romanticism reigns in here. The apartment has fully preserved national spirit, along with folk motives.

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