Royal apart

Royal Suite Living Room


Rooms: 3;
Kitchen area: 1;
Total area: 122,3 sq.m.;
Style: eclectic;
Options: 3 bed, table table, sofa, coffee table, telephone, hair dryer, safe, 2 LCD TV, DVD player.
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television.
Bathroom: Guest: toilet, sink, basic: toilet, two sinks, bidet, shower;
Balcony: 1
Terrace: 1
Additional option: a washing machine.
Window View: courtyard, city.

Main peculiarity of the apartment - convenience and comfort, combination of modern style with history of past. Interior is a harmonious mix of different historic styles that get by just like old friends. The living room is an elegant combination of red, orange and green. All the best accumulated in past centuries is reflected in this apartment that was able to organically absorb a variety of decoration styles. This apartment is interesting precisely because of its atypical, waiver of standard solutions and stereotypes. Comfort and beauty reign in every single element of the interior. A beautiful sofa of high-tech style, wrought-iron furniture, lamps with elements of glass. One detail adds a unique ‘flavor’ to the room - wrought-iron staircase, which bears the image of both flexibility and reliability. If you go up the stairs, you will have a feeling that you stand in front of a wall of clear and transparent marble. Such is the effect of Venetian plaster. A striking and original decorative addition to the stained glass window design, the windows were placed in the kitchen area. The ornament is so elegant and subtle, that it gives the impression of being painted on the glass. Another privilege of the apartment is a combination of wrought-iron furniture with leather. Finishing leather panels are not only beautiful and spectacular, but practical and functional.

Apartment of the style is a choice of self-confident, courageous and extraordinary people.

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