Comfort apart

Double apartment


Rooms: 2
Kitchen area: 1
Balcony: 1
Total area: 37 sqm
Style: retro Interior design: bed, cabinet, table, chairs, sofa, telephone, hairdryer, safe, LCD television, sliding-door wardrobe.
Facilities: : the Internet, telephone communication (local, long-distance, international), cable television.
Bathroom unit: steam shower cabin and other sanitary ware accessories.
View from the window:courtyard, a mountain landscape.

The style of this apartment is aimed at creating luxurious and exquisite interior for those who value comfort and spaciousness, on the one hand, and those who seek simplicity and functionalism, on the other hand, as well as for all beauty admirers in general. Unexpected combinations of expensive and exotic materials, serpentine lines and accentuated artificiality of the interior (decorativism) give zest to the apartment.
The interior of this apartment has no single concept; rather it is seen as a blend of random components, mere beautiful and fashionable things – furniture items, textile fabrics, bronze ware, glassware, and ceramics. This apartment might be called an artist’s studio. Each item inside plays its own peculiar role. Each item has its own inimitable face and unquestionable importance. The mixture of ethnic elements and contemporary trends and materials is an essential feature which adds a note of extravagance and surprise to the apartment interior. The retro style of this apartment symbolizes luxury and prosperity.
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