Studio apart

Studio Apartment with one bed


Rooms: 1 (divided into several functional zones), a separate dressing room;
Kitchen area: 1;
Balcony: 1;
Total area: 44,8 m;
Style: modern classic;
Interior: "country house";
Options: bed, bedside tables, table, 2 chairs, telephone, hair dryer, safe, LCD TV;
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television;
Bathroom: shower and other facilities;
View from the window: a courtyard, park;

Simple interior, light and relaxed lines, warm natural color range ... This apartment combined comfort with aesthetics. Two different materials used for walls divide space into zones. Decorative stone successfully highlights kitchen and recreation areas. Live, warming energy of natural wood dominates the design. Decorative panels of bamboo enhance the affect. Coffee table was made with a neat touch of professional – the table would invite you to read or drink tea in the times of solitude.
Get rid of all the city's hustle and dissolve in nature completely.

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