Comfort apart

Double apartment


Rooms: 2 (bedroom, living room)
Kitchen area: 1
Total area: 36,6 sqm
Style: English classicism.
Interior: The decor in the style of 19 century.
Options: bed, bedside tables, desk table, chair, sofa, telephone, hair dryer, safe, LCD TV, DVD player.
Facilities: internet, telephone (urban, intercity, international), cable television.
Bathroom: bath tub and other facilities.
View from the window: a courtyard, park.

Unique colors of England strike you the very first time you enter the apartment: moderate luxury bordering, sense of taste and space, restrained purple wallpaper. The central element of design is English furniture, made of natural wood of the highest quality. Spacious living room is divided into several functional zones - upholstered furniture for relaxation, a table with treats, kitchen area. Furniture with gold accents, a soft carpet on the floor, beautiful lamps – everything is surrounded by special aura that fills you with a charm of English at home. Apartment is permeated with harmony, thoughtfulness and comfort. English interior - is a right choice for true connoisseurs of traditions and quality.

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