Cleansing of the body saves from a heart attack and stroke

Cleansing of the body saves from a heart attack and stroke is now scientifically proven that regular attendance at courses cleanse the body in specialized clinics reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke in 40-60-year-old people a few times.

Studies conducted on 575 patients in the Moscow suburb of Recuperation Clinic showed reliable normalization of indicators such as blood pressure, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, sustainable long-term weight reduction.

All these indicators are major risk factors for developing heart attacks and strokes According to WHO (World Health Organization), almost 50% of hypertensive patients, higher blood pressure due to excess body weight. In 60% of hypertensive men after weight-reduction blood pressure normalized without medication.

Also, it is estimated that 1 kg fat mass leads to the formation of additional 300 km of blood capillaries, which leads to rapid wear of the heart. Found that with increasing body mass narrowed arteries of the heart.

The study involved 575 patients with arterial hypertension, held a program cleanse the body. Age of patients from 29 to 49 years. 255 patients were of normal weight, 320 - with varying degrees of obesity.

Therapeutic recreation resort complex «Chale Graal» (resort Truskavets) to generate a program of cleansing the body in the Medical Center "Abel" Set.

The proposed method - it is simply restored to their original healthy, harmonious state of the organism.

Advanced health technologies, a team of professional doctors, attentive, friendly staff, comfortable environment, a unique mineral water and amazing nature can achieve excellent results while receiving a great pleasure!
PROGRAM toxins in the «Chale Graal»

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